Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday. Fish and Chips

Beer batter (couple of cups of flour, couple of bottles of beer, a little salt, baking powder, cayenne pepper, whisked, chilled for about an hour). Deep fried. Good.

Of course, my father had onion soup left from the previous day, and then baked beans on brown rice. But the rest of us had fish and chips. I did a mix of fish: some cod, some tilapia and some (relatively local) large shrimp. All good, but the shrimp were amazing!

Yours, in a case of salt and battery,


alice c said...

Very droll.

As I say to members of my family when they have left me at the starting line with their cleverness.

And I envy you the fish and chips - I love them especially with beer batter.

Moogie said...

That sounds so wonderful. There is NOTHING better than fish and chips. It's one of my favorite meals. I've never made it though.

BreadBox said...

Moogie: try searching for Alton Brown's recipe for fish and chips on the Food Network. Double the amount of beer in the recipe.