Monday, April 16, 2018


Every two years, for a little while now, I've attended a conference of mathematicians, puzzlers, juggles, sceptics, neuroscientists, magicians and other similarly fun folks.  This past weekend marked the latests such gathering, and as always it was incredibly exciting, inspiring, and fun.

Highlights included meeting lots of new people (from each of the categories listed above), learning about new puzzles (and especially the Hanayama collection) and watching amazing magicians and performers do things that are plainly impossible. 

Watch Twenty Toes.  Then tell me that she's a human.  Just impossible!
And the Smirnov quick change duo.  Likewise. 
I'm not providing links -- you have the google (or bing, or duckduckgo): use it.

Yours, not puzzled, just unsure how any of it is possible,

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