Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Blogs on hiatus

I sometimes  wonder about blogs that appear to die, for months without a post.  I'm well aware that this one has gone for stretches like that, and then I have an idea  for a post --- and either it inspires me to write several posts in quick succession, or I write one post and wait months for another.

This afternoon I was inspired to look at a blog I used to delight in reading: Syllabub: a delightful, intensively evocative, beautifully written series of posts about food and cooking.  The author is an academic, and  writes about food in an historical context as well as other topics.  I suspect that her energy for blogging died after realizing that she had to write for her job as well as for fun.  She stopped posting in 2009, and hasn't been heard of since (at least by me).  But her old posts are still there!

So now, nearly a decade since her last post, I'm delighting in re-reading her four years of erudite posts about food. 

Yours, in salivation,

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