Friday, October 31, 2008

Frogs and fish

Skibo's class has been practicing the letter "f" this week -- and I had arranged to go in to give a demonstration of origami.
So I sat down and showed them how I fold a frog. And then I showed them how I fold a fish.
And then I did the classic origami story of the captain who wanted to go sailing, left his house (first intermediate fold), put on his hat (second fold), found his boat (third fold), and then had the wind and waves break off his bow, stern and sail --- only to open up the remaining piece of paper to expose all that was left: the captain's t-shirt (the final unfold).

It's a wonderful, easy, standard story, but I love telling it, especially to little children.

The demonstration went really well: my mother and LOML both came along to watch, and LOML later told me how wonderfully well I'd done (which is always nice to hear, even if it's not from an independent observer:-) This morning when I went to pick Skibo up from school his teacher asked if I'd come back and do another in December. Naturally, I said I'd love to!

Yours, loving the attention:-)


dottycookie said...

What a lovely story. I mjust search it out so I can show my children.

awareness said...

I love how involved and more importantly how much you love being involved with the children. Great story N.