Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Visits with old friends

Yesterday we got to catch up with our old friend Elin, in a semi-planned way: we hoped that she'd still be running kayak tours, and indeed she still is.
Today's chance to catch up with an older friend was much more serendipitous!  On Monday, a mutual friend posted on facebook about him being in town, which is unusual, since he lives in St. Croix and hadn't left the island for three years.  I messaged him, to see how long he'd be around for: he replied that he was going to be visiting Charleston, so I told him we were at the beach and hoped we could get together: we were thinking of perhaps Thursday --- then this morning he messaged to ask for our phone number: a few minutes later he called to say he was on the island, and we got to spend the entire day catching up!
Not a bad way to spend the day, since the weather decided to open up on us: several inches of rain, and swimming is definitely out for the rest of the day (and potentially the rest of the trip).

Yours, so happy to have caught up again!

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