Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Everybody!!

This week is the week of birthdays: four in just over a week.  Today my mother gets to lie in German again (ever since I taught her to say "Ich bin neun und dreizig jahre alt" way way back when), and we are celebrating Skibo's too: we are off to the beach in the morning, so this way he gets to have a few friends over before we go.

In the morning he and I are going to take part in an archery workshop at the martial arts place: we're getting bows and arrows, and when we get back from the beach, I'm going to buy a target from "Big Billy Bob's Archery and Radiator Shop" so we can go out into the garden and practice.

Of course, tomorrow morning's plans are "weather permitting", and since the current forecast is 50% chance of thunderstorms, all is up in the air.  Still, I'll drive him out there, and his instructor can give him his bow and arrows.  And I get my bow.  Pink, of course.  Perfect color for a bow.

Yours, wishing all a happy birthday,

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