Sunday, August 4, 2013

All the fun of the fair

Yesterday afternoon, despite the oppressive heat, I kept my promise to Boo and Skibo and took them to a funfair: we'd passed it a couple of days earlier on the way to Skibo's martial arts class, and he'd seen the rides and got very excited by the prospect.
Unfortunately, I didn't know that the discounted all-you-can-ride wristbands ended at 3:30, so the two bands cost me $40 instead of $30 (that's total, not each):  we arrived at 3:45.  Oh well.  The fair was a rather small one, a few more than a dozen rides, perhaps, and almost the same number of toss a ring, throw a dart, etc, stalls.  I was rather disappointed at first, since several of the rides appeared to be unmanned, but the kids quickly chose a ride to go on first, I realised that they were having fun, and so decided that it was okay, and just went with it.
About half an hour in, another small boy started tagging along with them (without a wristband!) and was stopped from entering one ride: he told the operator that his father ran the airbrush stand, and was allowed to enter: he rode every ride the Boo and Skibo from then on.  It was quite nice to see an accidental friendship happen.
One of the nicest touches of the whole afternoon was when I bought lemonades for Boo and Skibo and me: the vendor had a large lemon press, and squeezed fresh lemon juice for each cup of lemonade.  A lovely touch, and far more enticing than lemonade just poured from an industrial container!

Yours, delighting in a simple summer pleasure,

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