Monday, August 12, 2013

Beach life

We woke to an amazing sounding storm this morning --- I rolled over and let it go away, and it was gone half an hour later.  Peering through the blinds, the sky was blue, the air was humid, but not bad.  We took our time getting down to the beach, arriving just before high tide, meaning that the kids could boogie (board) to their hearts' content.

We decided to head to one of our most frequent hangouts for lunch: it turns out that it is only about three short blocks from the beach house (we didn't book it with that in mind, honestly!) so we could walk and drink beer and not worry about driving.

Last year's visit had been a little disappointing, so it was really lovely to have a marvellous experience today: last year was just an anomoly:-)

This evening we had a low country boil: it doesn't really work for four people, two of them picky children eaters --- but it worked out okay: the food was good, and I didn't make too much more than we could eat.
We followed dinner by sitting around the dining table playing cribbage (well, much as I wish she'd have played, Boo refused to do so, insisting that she'd be the "judge").  And even though neither Skibo nor I won the game, we didn't object to the outcome:-)

Yours, enjoying the beach life,

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