Saturday, August 24, 2013

A delightful day

Last night we went to a "celebration of the new academic year" with my department: we'd left the kids with friends, and agreed that this morning all the friends would come over and I'd cook breakfast.
I'd scored some decent less than exorbitant bacon this week (apparently there's an unknown virus that's attacking young pigs and has doubled the price of bacon this summer, which I hate, in spite of the fact that it's probably really good for me) and so I cooked up a couple of pounds, threw all the eggs I had into a bowl, added some milk, then scrambled them.
I scramble eggs the right way, over low heat, in a pan with a little melted butter, stirring constantly, so that the curds formed are delicate and delicious.  But that's the subject of a recipe post.
After lunch, Skibo was picked up by a friend to head off for the day, and for a sleep-over, and so we took Boo up to look at antique stores and craft stores.  I was stunned by her reaction to the antiques --- she was running from item to item, excitedly exclaiming over this old camera, that old doll, this chest of drawers, that old coke bottle.  I'm a little scared that we're going to create an antiques roadshow addict!
We finished the day with a little birthday celebration for our bookstore friend K, paella, a little music, a little wine, and a lot of lovely conversation.
Yours, thinking "all in all, a lovely day!"

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