Tuesday, August 13, 2013


One of our traditions, here at the beach, has been to go kayaking: we missed out on it last year, so this time we made sure to contact our friend Elin Ohlsson, of Edisto Island Tours: we'd taken trips to Shell Island with her a few times before, and last year we waited until too late.  We did manage to get some honey from her, which we enjoyed over the year, and managed to catch up a little.
So, as I said, this year we made sure to phone at the beginning of the week, and arranged to go out at 10 this morning.  We put into the water at about 10:30 or so, and headed out down a creek towards a tributary of the Edisto river: about 40 minutes or so out, and about the same time back. Skibo has really mastered the act of paddling a 2-person kayak in time with the person behind him: he did really well!  Boo was somewhat more reticent about paddling --- so I lucked out by having Skibo in my boat:-)

The highlight, for me, of the trip, was sighting a dolphin, just arcing above the surface of the water just before we reached the landing: very brief, and we watched for it again, but to no avail.  Unfortunately the kids didn't get to see it, although Skibo insists that he felt something smooth beneath the water....

Anyway, if anyone reading this is ever in Edisto, call Edisto Island Tours at 8430869-1937.  It's a lovely, gentle kayaking trip, with lots of interesting information about the island, the wildlife and the area.

Yours, aching nicely!

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