Thursday, July 12, 2012

One program winds down

Every summer for years, with the exception of last year, I've run two programs: one teaching undergraduates how to do research, the other preparing students to bridge the gap between being an undergraduate and becoming a graduate student.  Most years the programs overlap by about a week and a half: this year, thanks to a strange schedule, the overlap is a week longer, and it's been that much more intense as a consequence.
Fortunately, the former program is winding down now: it finishes tomorrow, and this evening there are plans to get together as a group for a dinner.  Unfortunately, the choice of restaurant seems to be one 40 minutes away, which would be bad enough: even worse, the weather forecast for late afternoon is for strong summer thunderstorms, and I'm not sure that I want to drive through that. I guess that I'll probably wait to make a decision until nearer the time.....

Yours, in indecision about dinner,

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