Monday, July 2, 2012

Canadian Bacon

For some strange reason, in England, Canadian bacon refers to streaky bacon, whereas in the US, it refers to the sort of gammony bacon eaten in the UK.  Clearly "Canadian" means "strangely different".  Anyway, I prefer streaky bacon to gammon, so to celebrate Canada Day I used streaky bacon.
In addition to bacon cheeseburgers, I made bacon-wrapped shrimp, which were delicious: and one of the things which made them so delicious was my little Canadian wrinkle: in homage to the Maritime provinces, I drizzled the shrimp with just a little maple syrup.  That suddenly produced a really keeper of a recipe!

Yours, eh?

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MikeDG said...

Hi Neil
Sounds really delicious - especially the bacon wrapped shrimp and maple syrup!! We called our new puppy Maple for several good reasons and also my love of this youtube video of the dog talking about the "maple kind of bacon"