Tuesday, July 7, 2015

And so the (pre)-teenage years begin

LOML and I have tried very hard to say, almost every day, almost every morning and evening, to Boo and to Skibo, "I love you".  We say it in the morning when we leave, or when we drop them at school, or in the evenings at bed time: and they say it back, and kiss us. 
And tonight, telling Boo to turn out the light and stop watching youtube at 10:15, the response was a (pre)-teenage sullen stare. I know tomorrow she will be back (temporarily?) to her usually lovely self, but for me, temporarily, I am

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carmilevy said...

Time marches on whether we want it to or not, and along the way it sometimes steals away those treasured touchstones of parenthood we wish would last forever.

If only...

If our experience can be of any help, just because they don't say it doesn't mean they don't feel it.

Good to e-see you still writing. I have always enjoyed your perspectives on life and parenthood.