Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Boo's Blog (private for now)

Boo has decided to start a writing blog!  For now, it will have to remain hidden and private, but I'm enjoying seeing her develop as a writer, and as a skilled computer user.
In addition, I bought a book in our local craft store this weekend: a book to teach children to code, and both she and Skibo have been working through it.    It uses Python, and incorporates the Turtle language: they've both drawn octahedral flowers constructed from 8 octagons rotated about a single vertex, and Boo has written simple code to ask a user to input their name, and their favourite food, and then have the program output " likes ", and then report what the first and last letter of the name are.  
This latter task involved her understanding that in Python, name[-1] will return the last element of  a string or list, and understanding that it indexes from 0.  The name[-1] fact made her squeal with delight!

Yours, terribly proud of both of them!

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