Sunday, September 8, 2013


Somehow, I've let a few days go by without blogging (or faking it by putting up blogs a day or so late, and faking the timestamp --- yes, I do do that sometimes....)
Such is life.  Fortunately, there are only the three of you reading ( "hi there!").

I'm hooked currently on the series Silks, the latest Masterpiece Mystery series on PBS --- from Britain, of course, as are most of their MM series --- but I was delighted, thrilled, almost enough to squeal, to discover that next week the MM spot will be another episode of Foyle --- but not Foyle's war!  They've continued the series after the end of the war!

Yours, thrilled!


carmilevy said...

I've always been intrigued by the ability to shift time using pre- or post-time/date-stamped entries. The automated-post feature is similarly fascinating to me, as I often get tweets and Facebook status updates from folks who think I'm sitting at the keyboard when these things go live.

Um, no thanks: I need my beauty sleep.

I'm glad you're still at it. Nevermind the size of the audience. I've always figured I'm doing OK if I reach one - as long as that "one" is the one who matters most.

I know, I'm odd that way :)

BreadBox said...

You're one of my favourite handful of people who read my blog still! And I love visiting your blog, seeing the latest (or revisited) photos of exotic places, unusual sights, and sometimes, weird people....