Friday, November 11, 2011

Palindromes and travel

A noteable date today: it is the same backwards as forwards, regardless of whether we write it in big-endian, little-endian, or the ridiculous US standard of middle-endian order.  (Think D/M/Y, Y/M/D, or the US M/D/Y).
This afternoon, I fly west to attend a conference, and to spread my wit and wisdom about math and computing.  I'm discovering how little I enjoy being away from home these days, although at the same time I do enjoy the travel itself in a way.  And there's a lot of travel coming up, including, if we can figure out how to pay for it, another trip to the UK for Christmas...  at least that one will be with LOML and the kids...

Yours, on the road again, or more precisely, in the air again, soon,

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