Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothing left to do now

Nothing left to do now but count the votes.

No, not here in the US, in our northern neighbour, Canada.
They still vote on paper there, I believe.

Yours, waiting, breath a-bated,


alice c said...

So ... no thrills from hanging chads in Canada then...

BreadBox said...

Nope. No thrills. And as far as I'm concerned, I'm disappointed in the results too: I'm definitely not a fan of Harper.

Awareness may beg to differ.


Awareness said...

no........i agree with you. however the alternative was not my cup of tea either.

i actually voted green......shhhh don't tell. :)

the fact that Dion lost so tremendously is a good thing. the liberals need to get off their historical high horse and find some humility and a new leader with some vision. keeping my fingers crossed it isn't Justin Trudeau (he won a seat in Montreal). i'm hoping for McKenna to jump into the foray. He still has a big presence and has been doing some great humanitarian things....the latest in haiti. He and Clinton are guest speakers in Moncton this month for an international aid fundraiser.

lots happening.......it's expected that Dion will resign promptly.

BreadBox said...

I have a prejudice against the tories in Canada, informed by growing up with Thatcher on the rise in Britain, combined with having a father who lost his job because of Diefenbaker's cancellation of the Avro Arrow back in the mists of time.
But in spite of that prejudice, I can regard Mulroney as a reasonable man, Joe Clark as an honest person who cared deeply about the country, etc.
Harper, on the other hand,....


Awareness said...

Not many Mulroney or Clark fans up here.....but I'm one of them. The disdain felt for Mulroney (perceived as too cosy with Papa GB) is still rage like. I find that bizarre.

Personally, I survived growing up in a house where Trudeau was revered. I then married a man who can't say the guy's name without his ears turning red! btw, Justin Trudeau won his seat in Montreal. He will one day be a contender.....I hope he'll have to compete against Joe's daughter Catherine Clark....a bright, bright light with political savy too!

So, it was the Avro Arrow mess which forced your family to move to the UK?