Sunday, September 8, 2013


Somehow, I've let a few days go by without blogging (or faking it by putting up blogs a day or so late, and faking the timestamp --- yes, I do do that sometimes....)
Such is life.  Fortunately, there are only the three of you reading ( "hi there!").

I'm hooked currently on the series Silks, the latest Masterpiece Mystery series on PBS --- from Britain, of course, as are most of their MM series --- but I was delighted, thrilled, almost enough to squeal, to discover that next week the MM spot will be another episode of Foyle --- but not Foyle's war!  They've continued the series after the end of the war!

Yours, thrilled!


Carmi Levy said...

I've always been intrigued by the ability to shift time using pre- or post-time/date-stamped entries. The automated-post feature is similarly fascinating to me, as I often get tweets and Facebook status updates from folks who think I'm sitting at the keyboard when these things go live.

Um, no thanks: I need my beauty sleep.

I'm glad you're still at it. Nevermind the size of the audience. I've always figured I'm doing OK if I reach one - as long as that "one" is the one who matters most.

I know, I'm odd that way :)

BreadBox said...

You're one of my favourite handful of people who read my blog still! And I love visiting your blog, seeing the latest (or revisited) photos of exotic places, unusual sights, and sometimes, weird people....