Friday, March 25, 2011

Zoe plays!!! And a near Shakespearean subplot

This morning we were up -- if not at the crack of dawn, at least fairly early, and on the road, blessing our local community (people watching the dogs, checking the tires out just before we got on the road, just generally a wonderful bunch of people!)

We made good time, nearing Gainesville at around 4, and after stopping to pick up some wine and some flowers for our hosts, we reached their house at about 4:30.  We visited for a couple of hours, and then hit the road to the concert: Boo tremendously excited, Skibo a little more unsure.  He ended up enjoying the part that he saw, but managed to fall asleep for much of the second half of the show.  Boo, on the other hand, was clapping along, and singing along when Zoe asked for audience participation.  She did get a little  bit embarrased when she and Skibo were mentioned before the last song, which she was playing at our behest.  But all in all she had a fantastic time, as did LOML and I.

And the Shakespearean subplot?  We bought a CD for our hosts, Ian and Stephanie, and Zoe autographed it to them; however, she didn't realise that it was for someone else, and not for us, so she put a wonderful note on it as well about being her very best fans: and later in introducing Squid, her encore, and the final song of the show, she referred to me by my new subplot name.  And since neither of LOML and I are either of Ian or Stephanie, (or, for that matter, look at all like them:-) a wonderful little twist to the evening was born!

Yours, pseudonymously,

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